Sridhar Rana Rinpoche Education Fund (SRREF)

Bursary/Scholarship to pursue higher education in Buddhist studies and other areas.

The purpose of the SRREF is to offer financial support to individuals who want to pursue higher education in Buddhism or related subjects. It is open to interested individuals from around the world who wish to pursue higher education in relevant areas in accredited institutions in Asia. Scholarships will be awarded to individuals on the basis of demonstrated need or academic performance and they will cover tuition fees and/or living expenses.

To apply, please read more.

Vikramashila: Byoma Kusuma's Institute of Advanced Learning

Vikramashila was established in January 2014 and it aims to offer courses to members of the Sangha interested in pursuing Buddhist studies and other subjects in a formal and structured environment.

The classes are available in person and over the internet and are designed to complement the practice of Sangha members.

Please see events to find out more about these classes.