Marshland Flowers

Ratnashree’s series articles published weekly in News Front. The articles clarify prevailing misconceptions on Buddhism and help general readers understand authentic Buddhism. The articles first appeared on 16-22 April 2007 issue. News Front is a weekly newspaper that is published every Monday. Read the articles published to date in full.

Marshland Flowers Part 1

Published on 16-22 April 2007 Issue Having humbly offered marshland flowers to the Master of gods and men (sasta deva manushyanam), the god of gods (Devadideva) the yogi of yogis, I…
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Marshland Flowers Part 2

Published on 3-9 September 2007 Issue Perhaps we need to go more into detail about what Samatha / Vipassyana means to really fully understand how this confusion, mentioned above is…
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Marshland Flowers Part 3

Issue 47: 31 December – 6 January 2008   …In the Mahayana Sutras, there are more collections of deeper level teachings on realisation… Relying on meaning, not words The Buddha’s…
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Marshland Flowers Part 4

Issue 64: 28 Apr- 4 May, 2008  Freedom from emotional and conceptual defilements   This is the major reason why Buddhism does not consider a yogi with mighty powers equal to…
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